Andrew Thomas



Andrew Thomas, a highly acclaimed comic book artist and letterer from south western Ontario, has made a name for himself in the world of comics. He has showcased his artistic talent in popular titles like Star Trek Strange New Worlds (IDW), Kevin Smith’s Quick Stops (Dark Horse), Captain Canuck, Archie Comics, and more. Andrew’s unique style and attention to detail have brought beloved characters to life, captivating readers worldwide. In addition to his artistic skills, Andrew has received awards for his exceptional lettering abilities. His captivating lettering designs have been recognized with accolades such as the Favorite Letterer award from Sequential Magazine. He has contributed his lettering expertise to notable projects like Maskerade (Dark Horse), Mosely (BOOM!), and Dead Romans (Image), earning over 160 lettering credits and appearing in numerous critically acclaimed comics. Andrew’s passion for storytelling goes beyond his artistry and lettering. He is the co-creator and artist of the award-winning Canadian indie series “Auric of the Great White North.” This groundbreaking series has captivated readers and gained recognition for its unique narrative and stunning artwork. For updates and insights into his artistic journey, you can follow Andrew on Instagram, where he can be found at @thefatmanwholetters.