Henry Winkler
Happy Days

Henry Winkler is known for his legendary role as "the Fonz", Arthur Fonzarelli, in the 1970s American TV show Happy Days.

"Fonzie", a leather-clad greaser, hot rodder, and auto mechanic, started as a minor character at the show's beginning, but had achieved top billing by the time the show ended.

During his decade on Happy Days, Winkler also starred in a number of movies, including The Lords of Flatbush, playing a troubled Vietnam veteran in Heroes, The One and Only, and An American Christmas Carol.

After Happy Days ended, Winkler concentrated on producing and directing.

As the 1990s began, Winkler returned to acting. In 1991, he starred in the controversial made-for-television film Absolute Strangers. In 1994, he returned to TV with the short-lived comedy series Monty on Fox and co-starred with Katharine Hepburn in the holiday TV movie One Christmas, and starred in the hit horror film Scream in 1996.

The Waterboy sparked a fast friendship, and ongoing professional relationship, between Sandler and Winkler. He would go on to appear in at least three other Sandler films: Little Nicky (where he plays himself, covered in bees), Click (as the protagonist's father), You Don't Mess with the Zohan (again playing himself) and a cameo in the Netflix original film Sandy Wexler.

Winkler also had notable guest-starring roles on Arrested Development as Barry Zuckerman and Parks and Recreation as Dr. Saperstain.

In 2003 it was suggested to Winkler that he write books. He co-wrote with author Lin Oliver. Winkler has since written 19 books.    

He currently stars in the HBO dark comedy Barry as Gene Cousineau.

Henry Winkler's appearance has been cancelled.