Daniel Way one of the best known writiers in comics today. He is known for writing Marvel Comics series such as Wolverine: Origins, Deadpool, Ant-Man, Ghost Rider and Thunderbolts.

Way's first published work for Marvel was the "Heartbreaker" storyline in Spider-Man's Tangled Web #16 & 17. This was followed by Gun Theory, a mini-series with artist Jon Proctor under the revived Epic Comics imprint.  Way continued to work for Marvel; his subsequent work for the publisher includes Agent X #12, Bullseye: Greatest Hits, Ghost Rider, the "Prelude to Planet Hulk" storyline in The Incredible Hulk, Sabretooth: Open Season, Supreme Power: Nighthawk, Venom, What If...? Featuring Wolverine: Enemy of the State, Wolverine, and Wolverine: Origins.

Deadpool appeared briefly in the Wolverine: Origins story and then Way, with artist Paco Medina, launched Deadpool (vol. 2) in September 2008, with Carlo Barberi filling in on the first issue after the Secret Invasion tie-in. This was followed by the "Dark Reign" story "How Low Can You Go?", which sees the return of Bob, Agent of HYDRA, and "Magnum Opus", a four-issue crossover with Thunderbolts.

Daniel Way will be appearing at Hamilton Comic Con on Saturday and Sunday.