Leonard Kirk

Leonard resides in Ontario and has been drawing comics since the early nineties. Beginning with titles including Planet of the Apes, Galaxina, Dinosaurs for Hire and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, he stuck with smaller publishers like Malibu Graphics before moving on to DC and Marvel. His mainstream career started with a six year run on Supergirl. Leonard’s work at DC included stints on JSA, Aquaman, H.E.R.O., Legion of Superheroes and Detective Comics.

He also contributed to series like Witchblade, Tomb Raider and Freshmen for Top Cow as well as Bloodhound for Dark Horse Comics. With Marvel, Leonard has worked on several projects, big and small, such as Agents of Atlas, Captain Britain, New Mutants, Sigil, X-Men, Incredible Hulk, Spider-Man Family, Marvel Adventures: Avengers, Dark X-Men, Ultimates, Gambit and X-Factor.

Leonard concluded a run on The Fantastic Four, Squadron Supreme as well as Captain Canuck for Chapterhouse Comics.

Currently, Kirk works for Marvel and recently wrapped up Darth Vader Annual 2.

Leonard Kirk is appearing both days.