Peter Griffin

Robert Franzese is known as being a dead ringer for Family Guy character Peter Griffin. 

In 2014, Franzese, from Long Island, had fans of the show doing a double-take, after he attended New York Comic Con in Griffin's trademark, green trousers and white shirt. has become an internet star - with footage of him impersonating Griffin getting millions of hits in just 48 hours. 

But it was when the 26-year-old opened his mouth at the New York event and mimicked the high-pitched character to perfection that fans really freaked out. In less than 48 hours, a YouTube video of the impersonator at the convention had racked up more than 3.5 million views.

Franzese got a further 22,000 likes on his Facebook page, where Family Guy fans from around the world applauded his likeness to the animated character.

Franzese said he realised he sounded like Peter Griffin 'very early on', and after becoming a fan of the show in high school he started mimicking the character's voice. The impersonation came much later.

The Real Life Peter Griffin has had to cancel his appearance at Hamilton Comic Con.