K.I.T.T. is one of the most recognized and iconic television cars of all time.

K.I.T.T., which stands for Knight Industries Two Thousand, is an artificially intelligent electronic computer module in the body of a highly advanced, very mobile, robotic 1982 Pontiac Trans Am.

In the television show's history, the first K.I.T.T. was said to have been designed by the late Wilton Knight, a brilliant but eccentric billionaire and founder of the Foundation for Law And Government (FLAG) and its' parent Knight Industries. 

According to the series, the original K.I.T.T.'s main cybernetic processor was first installed in a mainframe computer used by the United States government in Washington, D.C. However, Wilton saw better use for "him" in the Foundation's crime-fighting crusade and eventually the system was installed in the vehicle.

K.I.T.T. was in fact the second vehicle built by Knight Industries with artificial intelligence. His predecessor was K.A.R.R., the Knight Automated Roving Robot. K.A.R.R. was programmed for self-preservation, but this proved to be dangerous to the Foundation's humanitarian interests.

K.A.R.R. was later deactivated and placed in storage while K.I.T.T. was given to his new operator, Michael Knight (played by David Hasselhoff). K.A.R.R. was later unwittingly reactivated by thieves in the original episode Trust Doesn't Rust, was thought destroyed, then reappeared in the episode K.I.T.T. vs. K.A.R.R and was seen to be finally destroyed by Michael and KITT.

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